Bruce Weber

  • Graduation Year


I was only the manager of the LJHS tennis team during my senior year of 1958-59 and was not a player on the team. I went on to obtain a BS in Chemistry at San Diego State in 1963 and a PhD in Chemistry at UCSD in 1968. After a post-doc at UCLA with Dr. Paul Boyer (who received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1997) I joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University Fullerton in 1970. In addition I held an appointment as Robert H. Woodworth Chair in Natural Philosophy at Bennington College 2000-2005. I retired from CSUF in 2006 and now live with my wife up north in Oakley CA. I have published five books (Oxford University Press and MIT Press) and over 80 research publications and received over million in grants from NIH and NSF. Over the years I played tennis only with friends and family, but my health is such that it has been some years since I have played. I don’t have a photo to share but if pressed I might be able to get help from my son-in-law to provide something. I think there was a picture of me with the team in the LJHS Annual for 1959. There is one memory I can share. I recall that the LJHS tennis team scrimmaged against the USC tennis team and I remember hearing the USC coach admonishing his players to be at their best as they were going up against the legendary La Jolla High tennis team. As I recall our team actually won the scrimmage.