Dessau Clarkson Jr.

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Played #5 for LJHS 1947 & 8, then 4 years for Pomona College. Still live in LJ & try to play a little. Last tournament La Jolla Tennis Club 2016 Spring Tournament, won mens 80 doubles. My brother, Stephen H. Clarkson played #2 for LJHS 1951-2-3-4 then #2 for University of Arizona. Died 1999. My son, Dr Edward D. Clarkson III lettered for LJHS in track, cross country badminton & tennis 1983. Believe he was 1st 2nd generation LJHS tennis letterman
My LJHS team was led by George Gentry, deceased. 5 time Ink champ, 2nd in US as 15 yr old, 4th as 18, beat Tony Trabert in Kalamazo. 2nd Ulad Marsh, 2nd 18 yr old in San Diego, also deceased. 3rd Charles Biddle who played with me at Pomona College, 4th Bill Crary, Ink 15 yr old runner up. Bill Reeves and Blankenship also played my LJHS team. Hope this is helpful. Dessai Clarkson 858 587-0241