Elena Butler

  • Graduation Year

Email: elenathompson@cox.net
Elena Butler, now Elena (Butler) Thompson graduated from LJHS in 1979

after playing doubles on the LJHS tennis team from 1976-1979 and winning

the CIF Doubles Championship title in 1978. She went on to UC Santa

Barbara where she graduated in 1984 with a B.A. in Political

Science/International Relations (minor in Spanish). During her University

years, she played tennis regularly and still plays with her husband of 27

years, John Thompson. “Play together, stay together” is

Elena’s motto!

“Playing competitive tennis on the LJHS team during my High School

years (and since a young age), gave me the competitive edge I needed for a

successful life and business career, taught me how to be strategic (how to

win!), how to be a good sport, and how to keep on going, never give up,

despite the score”, says Elena, an accomplished business

professional. “Further, it fueled my love for exercise and a healthy

diet, which I attribute my good health and excellent level of physical

fitness today! I so enjoyed the camaraderie of our team and travel to

other High Schools for matches, something I’ll never forget!

John and Elena live in coastal Leucadia (Encinitas) and own a Real

Estate brokerage firm called Seabreeze Coastal Properties. Elena was an

International Sales & Marketing V.P. in the technology arena for 15 years

before changing to a real estate career, and has been selling homes and

helping people to buy homes now for 17 years. Elena and John enjoy tennis,

bike riding, adventure travel and the local deserts of Borrego Springs and

Baja California. For more info see: www.phoneETforhomes.com