John Emrich

  • Graduation Year


Played on the La Jolla tennis team the 4 years from 1957-1960. We won the CIF Championships all 4 of those years. Great memories of teamwork and planning among all the teammates of how to arrange the lineup of players, who plays doubles, etc in order to win against some of the better teams around.

We also had good coaches who let us run the show and make the decisions because we knew all the players from around San Diego and L.A. That is an important tip for the coach to believe in his players.

Went to San Diego State 1960-1964 and we won the State College Championships all 4 years as well (I forget what the league is called). I was never the number one player but was always part of the winning teams. Again we had a lot of team spirit and energy, lots of fun.

Now live and work in Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia as a physician teaching health promoters, midwives, and medical students in the campo. Work with Mayan Indians, Afro-Colombians, and all who live in the campesino setting.