Paul Dyson

  • Graduation Year

Attached is a photo of me today holding my CIF patches (which are supposed to go on Letterman jackets) and some pictures from my high school days … some of them directly from the La Jolla Light newspaper. I think I made the front page a couple times of the sports section. Pretty cool. I was the #2 player on the team in 1988 and #2 also in 1989 (I think #5 in 1987). Chad Morse was #1 in 1988 (a senior when I was a junior) and David Smith was #1 in 1989 (he was a junior when I was a senior). Our team was amazing. I think we went undefeated all three years in the county … won the CIF all 3 years (1987, 1998, and 1989). After I left to college, I think we kept the steak going several more years … and I think we won a lot prior to 1987. In 1988, we even went up to play Beverly Hills High one time … they were one of the best teams in LA and we lost to them in a close match. One of the guys on our team played the infamous Eric Menendez, brother to Lyle… the two bothers who killed their parents in that trial that was pretty public.

I think I was #5 in the under 18 division in the county. #54 in Southern Cal.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get directly recruited by a college so I had to try out. I was right on the bubble. I wanted to go to a good school academically, so, the competition was tough. I ended up going to University of Pennsylvania. To make the team, you had to win a single elimination tournament with like 60 players, then, challenge the worse player on the team and beat him. Each year I tried but came up barely short…the first year I lost in the finals of the tournament…other years semis or finals or didn’t beat the guy on the team to make it. I was pretty disappointed and almost transferred to another school my junior year so I could play on a team (applied and got into BC, BU, also applied to Notre Dame and MIT). I ended up deciding to stay at Penn to finish my rigorous degree at Wharton undergrad but kept playing and got to play with several guys on the team from time to time, so, that was good.

I don’t play too much anymore but I am trying to get it going again…a few buddies from my Berkeley MBA program (2002 grad) play so I need to hit them up again. I did play on the Cal club team with a bunch of undergrads while I went to business school. We played several community colleges so that was fun.

My Dad was a huge help to La Jolla High Tennis. Not only was he the #1 fan (along with my Mom, who sadly passed away last year), he was President of the La Jolla High Foundation several years and helped get our courts a much-needed resurfacing. They were by far the best courts in the county after that. I attached a photo of him for that, too.

After Penn, I worked in LA for 2 years in investment banking, then moved back to San Diego during 1996-2000 and work in financial operations at a health care company. In 2000 I moved north to attend Berkeley’s full-time MBA program. I went right from Berkeley to Standard & Poor’s, now S&P Global Ratings. In my job I assign credit ratings to public utilities and transportation clients, including the US Territory of Guam.

I won’t be able to attend the event at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis club since I live in the Bay Area (Novato) now, but, I’ll forward it to my Dad (who lives right near La Jolla in the UTC Area) and maybe he can go on my behalf!

Thanks again for taking me down memory lane. Some really good ones…GO VIKINGS!