Bruce Robinson

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Although I played baseball at LJHS (1972) and beyond (Stanford, A’s, Yankees), I have always held an affinity for tennis. I even won the 10 and under singles and doubles with Steve Mott (beat Pat Kearney in finals of singles) in the Albert Hernandez Tennis Tournament in 1964 (I believe it became the La Jolla Tournament). I had never played prior to the day before and managed to win serving side arm! LOL.

At Stanford, I was the Zeta Psi fraternity with Zetes Sandy and Gene Mayer, John Whitlinger, Pat DuPre, Matt and Mark Mitchell, Nick Saviano, Chico Hagey (Zete roommate my sophomore year).and one year prior to my arrival Roscoe Tanner. I took up the game at 30 in 1984, worked at it diligently for 5 years but then it took a bit of a back seat as I raised 3 kids. Since then, I have played intermittently, when by body is not rehabbing from 19 surgeries.20 and 21 probably this winter.

My bio can be found on the BIO tab of my website, (also listed below).

Bruce Robinson

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